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Makers of Engraved Glassware and More.

At the start of 2011, we began our adventure into the world of glass as a business and launched Voodoo Vixen Glassworks, which featured lampwork jewelry and tiny glass creatures.  Glass blowing was something that Jeff had wanted to do since childhood…which he then passed on to me.  And I was lucky enough to start glassblowing full time after we had everything up in running in late 2011.

We came across the idea of sandblasting (or engraving) glassware while growing our lampwork business as it was something we wanted to offer on the one-of-a-kind pieces we created.  We quickly became obsessed with sandblasting and engraving and started creating custom glassware for our friends.  With this, Glass Blasted was born and has taken off beyond our wildest imagination!

We first started selling our glasses locally at south Florida indie craft shows, to friends and co-workers, and via our first Etsy store, Glass Blasted Art, in 2013.  As our first Esty storefront became more popular, we quickly started branching out and opened multiple successful Etsy stores dedicated to different markets, such as our wedding store, Glass Blasted Weddings, and our store for homebrewers, Glass Blasted Home Brew.

In early 2014, we decided to expand our brand and our web presence via our own website.  Having our own website allows us to be in full control of our content and all of our product lines can be found under one roof.

Jeff and I tend to look for the unusual, the geekery, and the indie art.  We feel that there’s a large market of folks out there like us who like cool things made by artists and small businesses, not the giant corporations that mass market everything they sell.  Every piece of glassware Glass Blasted sells is engraved by hand.  We want to provide people with unique, personalized items for their home as well as giftsfor their friends and family. 

Glass Blasted has a wide variety of art designs to choose from, including custom and personalized homebrew, wedding, and original art—we have tons of great designs that can be personalized directly from our website. 

We also LOVE doing custom design work for customers; custom work is one of our specialties.  On any of our products that we offer, we can engrave most photographs, images, or designs or we can create a logo-type design for you or we can utilize your provided art (such as an established company logo).  

We mainly engrave on glassware, but can engrave art on many different types of surfaces like marble, stone, and metal.  Also, we can do larger pieces of wall art on glass as well!  You’re imagination’s the limit.

Don't hesitate to inquire about any custom project or wholesale orders you might have in mind.  Regardless of size—wholesale orders of 1,000 or small orders of 1 glass—we will work to make it just what you want.  With all our orders, we love knowing we are making people happy and putting smiles on faces with some cool drinkware.

As needed, we can provide drop shipping service as well, so please contact us for additional information.  

We are always in the process of creating and adding more designs and styles of glassware.  So, be sure to check back often!

Thank you for visiting our site!  Feel free to ask us any questions!  :)


Jennifer & Jeff

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