7 oz Modern Champagne Flute

A toast!  A cheer!  A glass of delicious bubbly!  A cousin to the stemmed wine glass, this champagne flute has a long stem with a long, narrow glass portion (the “bowl”).  The modern, non-tapered bowl shape of this champagne flute gives a nod to the original design of the champagne flute without moving too far from the traditional shape.  Like all stemware, the champagne flute was designed with the intended beverage in mind.  Did you know the champagne flute’s distinctive tall, thin bowl was cleverly designed to keep that sparkling wine, well, sparkling, from the first to the last drop?  Also, proper etiquette dictates that drinkers hold the glass by the stem so that your hand doesn’t affect the temperature of the champagne.




Overall Dimensions

Capacity: 7 oz
Width: 2 inches
Height: 9 inches
Material: Glass